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Are There Brown Recluse Spiders In The Fort Worth Metro Area? Brown recluse spiders are found throughout Fort Worth Texas and are known for their brownish color and distinctive violin-shaped marking on their backs. Their venom can cause a range of symptoms, including pain, fever, and skin necrosis or tissue death.

What Does A Brown Recluse Spider Look Like? - Brown recluse spiders are typically light to medium brown in color, and they have a characteristic violin-shaped marking on the front part of their body. They have six eyes arranged in pairs, which distinguishes them from most other spiders that have eight eyes. Brown recluse spiders are usually about ¼ to ½ inch in length, with a leg span of about one inch. How To Control Brown Recluse Spiders in Fort Worth? Controlling brown recluse spiders can be challenging, but there are several measures that you can take to reduce their populations and prevent them from entering your home:

Seal cracks and gaps: Inspect your home and seal any cracks or gaps around windows, doors, pipes, and vents to prevent spiders from entering.

Remove clutter: Brown recluse spiders prefer to hide in cluttered areas such as closets, basements, and attics. Clean and declutter these areas regularly to make them less appealing to spiders.

Use spider repellents: There are several natural spider repellents available that can be used to deter spiders. Examples include peppermint oil, citrus oil, and vinegar.

Use sticky traps: Place sticky traps in areas where you have seen spiders to catch them and reduce their populations.

Hire a professional: If you have a severe infestation, it may be necessary to hire a professional pest control company to eliminate the spiders.

What Should I Do If I Think I Have Poisonous Spider Problem? If you encounter a spider and are unsure whether or not it is venomous, it is best to leave it alone and contact a pest control professional or a local extension office for advice. If you are bitten by a spider and experience severe symptoms or an allergic reaction, seek medical attention immediately. If you suspect that you have been bitten by a brown recluse spider, it is important to seek medical attention immediately, particularly if you develop symptoms such as fever, chills, or severe pain.

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